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protecting elephants

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Theo, the boy.

Before Theo could even speak, he was making elephant sounds and spotting elephants in the abstract grey swirl patterns of our elevator walls. But it's no wonder he loves elephants...

Elly, the Elephant.

Elephants are empathetic creatures that help and care about other elephants that are in distress. Like humans, elephants grieve after a death of one of their own species. To think that elephants could be gone from the wild within a single generation due to poaching is devastating and unacceptable.

We are Committed.

10% of our proceeds will protect elephants against ivory poachers and trafficking.
Our funds will be donated directly to the Elephant Crisis Fund with Save the Elephants where they:

  • research and track elephants in Africa,
  • work with wildlife departments to end the demand for ivory,
  • create spaces for elephants to co-exist with humans,
  • and spread awareness of this crisis.

Together let's secure a future for the elephants.