[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content_no_spaces” row_top_spacing=”1″ row_bottom_spacing=”1″][vc_column][soma_about_me image=”617″ title=”More About Us”]We are two Vancouverite friends, one a mom and the other a mom to be, that loves minimal and simplistic designs. Oh, and both of our names are Grace :).

One day, Grace (future mom) asked,
“Hey, Do you want to start an online business together?”

And Grace (current mom) replied
“I actually have something in mind…”

[/soma_about_me][soma_about_me alignment=”2″ image=”999″ title=”About Theo” subtitle=”the boy”]Theo, Grace’s son, and his love for elephants left such an impact on her that she had been conjuring up this business idea when the other Grace approached her to start something.

When Theo was around 18 months, before he knew how to talk, he was making elephant sounds, watching videos of elephants, seeing real elephants, smiling at drawings of elephants and playing with elephant toys.  There was an absolute fixation with elephants. He would see elephants in the grey swirl patterns of elevator walls or spot the smallest drawing of an elephant on some product. Grace’s YouTube account was full of elephant videos and facts.

One day Grace came across some info regarding the devastating elephant crisis. People are poaching elephants for their ivory and it’s an epidemic. In one generation, elephants could be gone from the wild. This broke her heart and she knew that Theo would want to do something to help protect his beloved animal friends.

Grace shared this with other Grace and with that, Theo & Elly was born. [/soma_about_me][soma_about_me title=”About Elly” subtitle=”the elephant” image=”1003″]We are a small business hoping to make a small difference in this world. We want to make sure our products are things that we would buy and use ourselves. Our aim is to provide quality products that are ethically produced and give back to the elephant crisis situation. 10% of our profits are directly donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund with savethelephants.org. Together let’s secure a future for the elephants.

Lastly, we are saddened to hear that ivory is legal to sell and purchase in our beloved city of Vancouver. We urge you to check out https://elephanatics.org/  for more information regarding their petition for #ivoryfreecanada.  

With love for our animals, our world, our neighbours and our products,
Grace & Grace (2018)[/soma_about_me][/vc_column][/vc_row]