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Standing for Elephants

Elly, The Elephant

Elephants are empathetic creatures that help and care about other elephants that are in distress. Like humans, elephants grieve after a death of one of their own species. To think that elephants could be gone from the wild within a single generation due to poaching is devastating and unacceptable.

We are Committed

A portion of our proceeds will be donated directly
to the Elephant Crisis Fund with Save the Elephants where they:

- research and track elephants in Africa,
- work with wildlife departments to end the demand for ivory,
- create spaces for elephants to co-exist with humans, and
- spread awareness of this crisis.

The Elephant Crisis Fund has but one goal: to end the ivory crisis.
The Crisis: Each year tens of thousands of elephants are killed for ivory 
The Solution: A coalition to address poaching, trafficking, and demand

Theo & Elly

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